Panther Holdings Limited (“Panther”) is a consulting company specialized in the transport/logistics/supply chain management industry.

Panther was activated in 2003 in order to provide a more agile and practical way for the financial services industry, logistics service providers, and consumers of supply chain management services (shippers, importers, exporters, traders, industry) to obtain consulting support in precisely defined situations where a focused and more realistic approach could be beneficial to a project or business. 




  • The crafting of a deliberate and focused growth plan considering both tactical organic growth as well as strategic M&A driven expansion. Such growth plan initiatives are usually produced in the shape of strategy papers, Board presentations, and/or detailed Business Plans 

  • Service structure review with an aim towards adding or outsourcing any “missing links” in the seamless and integrated end-to-end (“E2E”) supply chain demanded by today’s clients with special focus on the “glue elements[1]” that have proven most effective from an overall client retention and barrier to exit point of view 

  • Organic growth in new geographical areas such as opening up new offices, hiring new people, and setting up legal infrastructure 

  • Partner evaluation where existing partners (like agents or suppliers) are evaluated and additional partners subsequently added, existing partners challenged, and/or critical mass obtained which could then result in for example both additional freight in the network (agents) and reduced costs (suppliers[2]) 

  • Commercial streamlining and growth through a review of the commercial organization and by adding necessary talent within the areas of sales/client acquisition, solutions engineering, and tender/RFP/bid response parts of the organization. The drive could be covering an industry vertical, a niche market segment, an area, a country, or a trade lane

  • [1] Typical “glue elements” in for example the Trans-Pacific trade include origin trucking, buyers consolidation, CHB at destination, deconsolidation/transloading, and intermodal

  • [2] Critical mass obtained for example by pooling all global volumes into single, coordinated procurement process and possible RFP structure in order to streamline and optimize supplier bidding processes © 2003-2014 ● All Rights Reserved  Privacy Policy Terms Of Use