Panther Holdings Limited (“Panther”) is a consulting company specialized in the transport/logistics/supply chain management industry.

Panther was activated in 2003 in order to provide a more agile and practical way for the financial services industry, logistics service providers, and consumers of supply chain management services (shippers, importers, exporters, traders, industry) to obtain consulting support in precisely defined situations where a focused and more realistic approach could be beneficial to a project or business. 


In the more than 5 years Panther has existed, numerous consulting engagements have been finalized for clients around the globe. Panther has completed projects for retailers, manufacturers, banks, IT software providers, asset-based transport companies, freight forwarders, and logistics service providers ("LSPs").

Panther's consulting solutions include both shorter assignments lasting several days but also larger projects scoped out over several years. In some cases, Panther personnel has been assigned to clients on an interim basis for a longer term period. Often, Panther's consulting solutions have resulted in Panther personnel physically moving to the city and country in which the client is based in order to best provide the dedicated focus and time commitment required. © 2003-2014 ● All Rights Reserved  Privacy Policy Terms Of Use