Panther Holdings Limited (“Panther”) is a consulting company specialized in the transport/logistics/supply chain management industry.

Panther was activated in 2003 in order to provide a more agile and practical way for the financial services industry, logistics service providers, and consumers of supply chain management services (shippers, importers, exporters, traders, industry) to obtain consulting support in precisely defined situations where a focused and more realistic approach could be beneficial to a project or business. 



Panther’s mission is :

· To always provide the best possible logistics and supply chain management insights to our clients based on the experience and knowledge of our personnel.

· To be the preferred logistics and supply chain industry mergers & acquisition ("M&A") consulting partner providing practical and agile solutions which are flexible in nature and can be deployed in a realistic manner.

· To assist companies in their post-merger/post-acquisition integration ("PMI"/"PAI") efforts and ensure that the opportunities and synergies projected at the time of the mergers or acquisitions are indeed realized and implemented.

· To assist both consumers of logistics services and supply chain management/logistics service provider companies with strategy consulting solutions and business consulting solutions in order to enhance their market positions, increase profits, and create better and more efficient global supply chains.

· To assist consolidation in the logistics and supply chain arena through practical and flexible consulting solutions creating joint-ventures (JV¹s), partnerships, and alliances between relevant industry players with needs to expand their scope. © 2003-2014 ● All Rights Reserved  Privacy Policy Terms Of Use